Cat Licking Screensaver

Cat Licking Screensaver 2.1

Let this cute kitten clean your screen


  • Cute animation
  • Sound can be turned off


  • No extended settings
  • Includes only one cat


My sister loves cats. She's got four or five of them and she treats them just like her own children. I'm sure she and other cat lovers like her are going to love this screensaver.

Cat Licking Screensaver could be defined as the sequel of Screen Clean Screensaver, where a not very good-looking dog carefully cleaned your screen with its tongue.

Now this cute cat is in charge of the same task and licks the whole screen without leaving a single area untouched.

The screensaver is very easy to install and features a simple settings menu where you can disable the licking sound if you don't like it.

Even mute, the images are still very funny to see and the cat looks very realistic, although there's only one model included and no option to choose among several cats.

Anyway, maybe it's because I prefer cats to dogs, but I like this screensaver better than the dog one.

Cat Licking Screensaver is a cute, funny screensaver that will appeal to all cat lovers.

This cute little kitten tries to lick your screen clean. You can turn off the sound in the windows screen saver options if you prefer the kitten to be silent.

Cat Licking Screensaver


Cat Licking Screensaver 2.1

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